To complement Pool Clinic’s services, we stock the full range of pool and spa accessories, equipment and chemicals, to ensure you keep your pool or spa in perfect condition, and looking great.


  • Pool broom, brushes, vacuum heads, hoses, telescopic poles
  • Automatic and robotic pool cleaners
  • Testing equipment
  • Skimmer baskets, weir doors, lidsequipment
  • Pump baskets, lids, o rings
  • Pool liners
  • Pool toys, noodles, etc
  • Pool Ladders
  • Floating dispensers and tablet feeders
  • Spa steps
  • Spa pillows, seats
  • Thermometres


  • Filtermaster range of pumps and filterspumps
  • Repairs and spare parts on all brands of pumps and filters
  • Salt water chlorinators
  • Automatic dosing systems
  • Heating – Heat pumps, solar, gas
  • Covers and rollers – including automatic covers
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Hot water heat pumps


  • All swimming pool chemicals – Full Rangepoolchemicals
  • All spa pool chemicals – Full Range
  • Water Tank treatment